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Hugonnier + Kelly



Art for Modern Architecture (Homage to Ellsworth Kelly) by Marine Hugonnier, 2004-ongoing


French artist Marine Hugonnier took cutouts from the book Line Form Color by the mid-century artist Ellsworth Kelly and made these newspaper collages. According to the page where I found these “Art for Modern Architecture investigates the role of the image, its abilities and its limitations and reverses the process by obstructing the press images on the front page of a week’s worth of newspapers.” I mean sure, maybe. I’m not really one to delve into the academic rhetoric of contemporary art. But I do enjoy the outcome. Visually, it’s an interesting juxtaposition of form and context. And it would actually be cool if a major newspaper did this for real. On the one hand it might look like censorship but on the other, I wonder if it could provide a bit of buffer from hasty conclusions.