Manfred Mohr


P-61, “geometric hints”, plotter drawing ink on paper, 50cm x 50cm, 1970


Bild 12/366, Tempera/Leinwand, 1966, 73cm x 92cm

Mohr-P-18 Random Walk

P-18, “random walk”, plotter drawing ink on paper, 50cm x 50cm, 1969


P-196/B, Acrylic on canvas, 1977, 130 cm x 130 cm


P-10, “random walk”, plotter drawing ink on paper, 50cm x 35cm, 1969


I’m not sure if this blog is starting to show it yet but you might notice soon enough that I gravitate towards black and white quite a bit. Not that I don’t like color, I do, but black and white will always be my first love. Many of my initial sketches or renderings are void of color.

It’s no surprise then that these paintings and drawings by Manfred Mohr made it into my folder of favorites. Mohr is considered a pioneer of digital art. He programmed his first computer drawings in 1969 and has been creating with the machine ever since. His body of work is well documented on his site where you will notice that he’s been working with color the last decade or so. But I remain partial to his earlier decades, even before the computer. I especially like the very subtle geometry and the abundant negative space in his egg tempera paintings.



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